Field Recorder v7.0.1

Field Recorder v7.0.1

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Field Recorder v7.0.1

Unlock the potential of your microphones: Record music events, phone calls, interviews, meetings, band rehearsals, lectures, voice messages, dictation, eavesdropping…

From high-quality stereo recording to basic wide-band audio. Instantly after recording, send e.g. your interview to your broadcasting team, your concert recording to your friends, a voice dictation to your secretary, or add a speech to the archive.

Field Recorder is only available on Google Play!

Turn your Android into a high-quality audio recorder!


Field Recorder provides easy-to-use presets for standard audio recording tasks. However, it is designed for professional use as it provides more than 85 options to customize it to the given device and situation.

вљ« Built-in and external microphones are supported and also 'class-compliant' USB soundcards with Android 5

вљ« Records and plays mono or stereo wav files

вљ« Supports file overwrite and resume recording

вљ« Convert your recordings to mp3, AAC or FLAC via free helper apps, share or send them

вљ« Up to 90 seconds pre- and 4s post recording. You won't miss any important stuff even if you are too late at the record button

вљ« Auto start, stop, and continue, depending on loudness. The control signal can be additionally filtered to optimize it for voice recording or other sounds

вљ« When recording, automatic stop at 4GB maximum file size and even seamless restart of a new file is available (activate auto start with the minimum threshold)

вљ« High-precision stereo audio recording engine with various low-cut filters, minimum-phase shelving and parametric equalizers, and stereo balance correction e.g. to compensate for flaws of the microphones or optimize for speech. Also with recording booster, configurable limiters, soft clipping, and high-quality monitoring

вљ« Wav player with volume maximizer, silent and audible fast-forward and fast-rewind, and low-latency random access to any play position via progress bar

вљ« Recordings are stored internally or on any chosen SD card. Default is SD card. Recordings are visible to your favorite player

вљ« Almost 10.000 colors available for the metallic-brushed skin. Also, you choose round or rectangular LEDs, left-hand operation, button size, and your favorite color for the display area

First steps and testing

Use the 2 hours refund period to test how audio recording works on your phone. Touch "Factory" in the display area and you probably find a preset in the cloud perfectly adapted to your smartphone!

Or try the different input configurations from "In:MicA" to "In:MicE". If you activate "Monitor", use headphones to avoid a sound feedback loop. Check without creating audio files, just by pressing the pause button which activates the level meters. Then you see a date/time string as the potential file name. It is created only if you press the record button

вљ« If you modify a preset, its name gets gray in the display area
вљ« Playback can amplify quiet recordings by choosing e.g. "Play +20dB" without distortion due to a 2nd limiter. The Monitor switch affects only recording
вљ« Touch the "time/position/free" label to show the remaining recording duration
вљ« Touch battery symbol to toggle between battery and CPU usage
вљ« Touch "CLP" to reset red LEDs
вљ« The level meter shows peak amplitudes or the start/stop control signal. Touch it to open its configuration menu
вљ« Active auto start overrules pressing the pause button
вљ« The 1.5kHz filter optimizes the auto start/stop control signal for speech. 750Hz better suppresses disturbing sound with high frequencies, 3kHz with low frequencies
вљ« Soft Clipping is active above -3dBFS
вљ« Limiting and Soft Clipping work only if Boost is greater than 0dB
вљ« "Boost 40dB" or more might produce hardware feedback loop if power supply is instable
вљ« Overwrite and Append modify existing recordings (warning can be switched on/off)
вљ« Activate flight mode to reduce noise floor

What is New:
•Android 7.1 full file access
•SS08 support
•Option: Recordings starting with a letter are at the file list end
•105dB in 16bit files
•Record/playback via class-compliant USB audio interfaces
•Homescreen widget
•Realtime spectrum
•Direct FTP upload
•Full parametric recording equalizer
•File list has signal envelopes and play
•9 low-cut filters
•Gain Control, Noise Suppression, Echo Cancellation
Call recording presets
•Convert to mp3/AAC/FLAC
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