U-Count Professional | Traffic Loads v1.3.2

U-Count Professional | Traffic Loads v1.3.2

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U-Count Professional | Traffic Loads v1.3.2

U-Count is the quantitative-based Android app to analyse scenarios for a better urban project.

In a nutshell, U-Count is a data driven pocket tool which leads the user from the scenario settings to the identification and quantification of the different agents in the urban space. Furthermore, U-Count visually represents the result, saves the data locally and then sends it as CSV file for further analysis in Excel, replacing the traditional hand-made methodologies.

With U-Count, we aim to make the task of providing a better transport & urban planning easier, and this, not only for a small scale purposes or specific projects, but also as a collective collaboration tool to digitise the charge of vehicles and flows of people at a wider, bigger scale.

U-Count has now an autosave feature.

WHY CALL PERMISSIONS?: Note that during installation, U-Count will ask you for your permission to allow detection of incoming calls. Indeed, U-Count will pause your counting process if an incoming call is detected in order to not lose your analysis.

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What is New:

Minor aesthetic modifications

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