Loud Volume Booster for Speakers v6.3 [Ad Free]

Loud Volume Booster for Speakers v6.3 [Ad Free]

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Loud Volume Booster for Speakers v6.3 [Ad Free]

Volume boost “Loud Volume Booster for Speakers” helps to enhance loudness of video, audio, all notifications on Android.

Why do you need loud volume booster for speakers?

You turn on film or video on your Android phone or Android tablet, but you hear nothing?
If you have to strain your ears, but anyway the sound of video is not loud enough?
If you turn on your favorite music in speakers, if you want music to be loud, but speakers are not loud?
What to do if your Android is not loud enough?
You do not have to buy Bluetooth speakers, you do not have to buy new Android.
All you need is to download application for loud volume “Loud Volume Booster for Speakers” for Android device, turn on video, music,
control standard volume and boost as you need and enjoy loud video and loud music!

Why do you need loud volume booster for headphones?

You go by bus, you go for a walk and there are a lot of people around you and you can't enjoy your favorite music, interesting audiobook,
exciting film or video.
Now there is a solving!
You do not need to buy new earphones, expensive headphones, you will hear quiet video, you will hear quiet music, you will hear quiet audiobook,
you will hear quiet alarm clock, you will hear quiet notifications!
All you need is to download “Loud Volume Booster for Speakers”, turn on music, audio, video, audio books in headphones, control loudness of volume
and enjoy every loud sound that you will hear!

Loud Volume Booster for Speakers increases volume more than standard loudness both in speakers and earphones.
Insert earphones, turn on your favorite song, turn on Loud Volume Booster for Speakers and regulate standard volume and booster as you want!

Be careful! We are not responsible for your device and health. Do not listen to music in headphones for long time using headphones.

You can control notification bar in settings of the application for volume increasing “Loud Volume Booster for Speakers”.
Control notifications to always appear, never or when the speaker booster is active.
You can choose Soft Boost if some noise appears during listening to music on high volume.
Soft boost can make boost softer, hide noise and interference during enhancing volume on Android phone or Android tablet.
Also, you can choose maximum allowed boost in the settings of loud volume booster for speakers and earphones.
Maximum allowed boost can be from 10% till 100%.
Choose maximum allowed boost depending on the abilities of your speakers and headphones.

If you are into audio books, podcasts, radio, then the app “Loud Volume Booster for Speakers” will help you to enjoy loud aidiobooks, loud podcast, loud radio.
If you are not enough of standard volume of your Android phone or Android tablet, then download Loud Volume Booster for Speakers and enhance loudness
higher than standard volume on Android device.

What will you have after downloading Loud Volume Booster for Speakers:
* standard volume booster of music and high volume booster of music;
* volume booster of online music;
* high volume boost of audio and all sounds on a phone or tablet;
* loud volume boost of video and films on Android device;
* loudness booster of notifications and alarm clock on Android phone and Android tablet;
* high volume speaker booster;
* volume enhancer for headphones, earphones, Bluetooth ear pods, Bluetooth speakers.

Download high volume enhancer for audio and video Loud Volume Booster for Speakers for Android and forget about problem of quiet speakers and quiet headphones.
Listen to music in every place anytime with any loudness! Control any volume you want — loud or very loud!
Listen to music using earphones! Watch loud video in earpods!

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What is New:

Implemented new volume boost techniques for new devices

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