Bluetooth Volume Control v2.35 [Premium]

Bluetooth Volume Control v2.35 [Premium]

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Bluetooth Volume Control v2.35 [Premium]

This app allows Android to remember the volume of different Bluetooth devices.
Both music and call volume can be configured for each device.
The timing and configuration for each Bluetooth device can be individually adjusted.

Permissions explained:
• 'Internet' for bug reports.
• 'Bluetooth' to work with Bluetooth devices.
• 'Modify audio settings' to change volume.
• 'Boot completed' to restore volume after reboots.
• 'WAKE_LOCK' to fix a bug on Samsung devices where this permission is necessary to avoid an error.

What is New:

• Added permission BLUETOOTH_ADMIN, otherwise the app doesn't receive connection events on some Samsung devices, because Samsung ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks to David who helped me track down this issue.

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