Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere v2.3

Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere v2.3

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Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere v2.3

Swapps! side launcher is always there, when you play, read or listen, you can always swipe and switch to another app.

Swapps! as a Side Launcher:
вњ“ Full app drawer just like in your home app
вњ“ Recently Used apps
вњ“ Starred section with - Widgets, Shortcuts & Applications

� "a Unity inspired “pseudo side launcher” for your Android device." (Xda-Developers)
в?… "a New Way Of Launching Android Apps." (makeuseof.com)
в?… "great time saver. Must try application" (RedmondPie)

Swapps! Features:
вњ“ Scroll & Launch animations that makes this side launcher so attractive.
вњ“ Notification icon can be disabled or made transparent in the settings screen.
вњ“ Alphabetical fast scroll
вњ“ Swapps! is accessible anytime, regardless of which application is currently running, using a simple swipe!
вњ“ Fully customizable swipe-area (Side, Width, Height)
вњ“ 'App Info' by long press an application
вњ“ Small RAM fingerprint
вњ“ Doesn't affect battery life!!!

Swapps! Unlocked:
Unlocking Swapps! (In-app) gives you all the strength and features of Swapps! without any limitations, and gives you the way to customize and function as you wish. Unlocked version offers full list of new features

вњ“ Remove app names (Only icon launcher)
вњ“ Add widgets to the 'Starred' section
вњ“ App Blacklist (Hide apps)
вњ“ Define pad width
вњ“ Choose pad color
вњ“ Choose text color
вњ“ Change opacity
вњ“ More than 15 starred
вњ“ More sliding animations to choose from
вњ“ No Ads

How to use Swapps:
- Swipe your finger from the edge of the screen to the middle of the screen
- Choose an app that you'd like to launch
It's as simple as that.

Swapps is translated to:
Turkish, Brazilian pt, German, French, Dutch, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Slovak, Spanish, Catalan, Vietnamese, Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish, Slovenian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Sinhala.
We want to make Swapps! localized to your language, if your language doesn't appear above or you have some fixes to it, go to our Translation Tool Website:

*KILL_BACKGROUND_TASKS permission is required to close background processes of recent running apps if the user chooses to.
*CALL_PHONE permission is required for adding 'Direct Call' shortcut to the 'Starred' section

� "a Unity inspired “pseudo launcher” for your Android device."
в?… "great time saver. Must try application"
в?… "A New Way Of Launching Android Apps"
в?… "nifty little app"
в?… "amazing very beneficially and light application"

- for some reason MIUI doesn't support on-display views, this is the way to make Swapps work:
Go to settings -> Applications -> swapps ->
Click on "show popup notification"
Click on "clear cache"
Click on "permission management"
Click on "autostart permission"
Reboot, enjoy Swapps with MIUI :D
(Thanks to Alberto Garcino for the guide)

On any problem, bug report, feature request, please contact us on tickets@swapps.uservoice.com
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