OneToucher v3.5.0

OneToucher v3.5.0

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OneToucher v3.5.0

OneToucher is a cool toucher and sidebar settings app on Android.

It's a fast, brilliant and fun way to interact with you.
1. Support both Android smartphones/tablets.
2. Support includes the sidebar touch, the floating touch and assistive touch
3. The new flat UI interface
4. Fast ON/OFF settings for 100% system customization
5. Support app, shortcut and widget
6. Rename OneQuick to OneToucher

Q:How to change side bar swiping area?
A:Settings -> The side bar settings

Q: Why can not uninstall OneToucher app?
A: Because you add lock screen feature, Android system will protect this application, just no lock on the settings interface. "Settings" -> "No lock"

XDA Post:

OneQuick was showcased on the front page of XDA

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