Whistle Phone Finder v1.5

Whistle Phone Finder v1.5

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Whistle Phone Finder v1.5

Whistle phone finder is an Android phone locator app that helps you to search your phone after losing it, forgetting it somewhere or being hidden. Just whistle up and your phone will tell you where it is. Isn't it fun? Nine Hertz has created an amazing phone finder app with unique algorithm that identifies your whistle sound and respond to it with a predefined sound which ultimately leads you to the device location.

How many of us forget our phones on silent mode and leave the phone in the most unusual places. Later, we get frustrated over not being able to find our phone. Here comes the solution to these problems. This Whistle phone locator app will help you to find your phone very easily and quickly in a fun way.

Whistle phone finder- A phone finder app has following features:

1) Eye catchy Graphic User Interface
2) 20 different sounds to select
3) Runs in background and utilizes less power
4) Once activated than no need to check again

It’s the best mobile finder app that you can find in android market. So why wait just download now the updated phone locator app that that runs well in all Android versions.

This time you won’t regret after leaving your phone on silent mode anywhere in your home or workplace.

Try out finding your phone in the most fun way!!!

Find out more on about the company http://theninehertz.com/ and the product http://theninehertz.com/whistle-phone-finder/

You can check out our updates on https://twitter.com/WhistlePhFinder and https://www.facebook.com/WhistlePhoneFinder.

For any questions, suggestions or concerns please email us at [email protected]

Download free phone locator app and get relax!!!
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