Image 2 Wallpaper v1.9.2

Image 2 Wallpaper v1.9.2

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Image 2 Wallpaper v1.9.2

This application sets the picture as wallpaper with/without resizing.
Select a picture from the gallery, resize it, and set it as wallpaper.

You can also activate this application via "Intent". Select the picture in the gallery or another app, and "share" it with this application.

* Thank you for over 4 million downloads!
* Brand-new UI (experimental) in v1.9.

- Both phone and tablet are supported.
- Resize the image to fit it to the wallpapers width, height, or display width. Or set without resizing (Dot by Dot, DbD).
- Align the image horizontally and vertically. Left/center/right and top/center/bottom.
- Tile the images or retain margins (border).
- Set the color of margins.
- Rotate the image.
- Consider the height of the status bar and the navigation bar.
- Save the image to external storage.
The saving location is "/sdcard/wallpaper". You will find the saved image with "FileManager" app etc.
- [Advanced] Crop the image.
- [Advanced] Set an arbitrary position and/or resizing scale.
- [Advanced] Flip the image horizontally and/or vertically.
- [Advanced] Set another image as margin (background).
- [Advanced] Apply some image effects.

* Advanced features can be used in "Advanced Mode".
* Some preferences can be set by "Menu"-"Preference".
* Cropping uses a lot of memory. If you get an out of memory error, please crop the image with the gallery etc. before using it with this application.

* If you want to fix (no scrolling) the wallpaper or to display the whole image without margins and cropping, please try "Image 2 Live Wallpaper". You can find it under "More from developer".

- No wallpapers included.
- Live wallpapers are not supported.

About SMS attached image:
This application doesn't have READ_SMS permission, so it can't read any images attached to the SMS. Please save such images to an external storage, and open it from there.

Russian and German (and improved English): Thanks to Alexey Eberhardt.
Spanish: Thanks to Alfredo Diaz.
Chinese: Thanks to milfin.
Polish (in app): Thanks to Dawid Holko.
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