Fitness, Bodybuilding & Logs v2.5.1

Fitness, Bodybuilding & Logs v2.5.1

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Fitness, Bodybuilding & Logs v2.5.1

Practice your fitness or bodybuilding workout in confidence. MyFitness offers 18 comprehensive programs for fitness and bodybuilding and more than 160 detailed exercises, some with pictures and all with instructions on how to properly perform your movements.

Thanks to MyFitness, design your sessions with multiple fitness, bodybuilding and stretching exercises. Track your weight, your calories and your performance for your different muscle workout.

Access all the fitness and bodybuilding exercises through a visual interface that show the concerned muscle.

You can create your own workout with your favorite’s fitness or bodybuilding exercises. Plan your exercises for each day.
Select among 18 fitness or bodybuilding programs for men and women, dedicated to gain in muscles volume, loss weight.

You can log your activity through the Log view. You can track you daily weight and your daily nutritional intakes (protein, carbohydrates and fat) in order to control its time evolution. The whole majority of the exercises can be monitored through the Log view in order to follow your progression and to view the benefits of your workout.

Here are the features of MyFitness:
- Management of your Fitness or Bodybuilding workout
- Choice among 18 programs or creates your own program
- Configuration of each selected exercises for weight, number of repetitions or duration
- Track your workout for each exercise in order to track your progress
- Track your weight daily
- Track your nutritional intake daily (fat, carbohydrate and protein)
- Display of curves on a graph in order to visually follow your progress
- Record personal notes

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