Frankly Chat v2.2.4

Frankly Chat v2.2.4

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Frankly Chat v2.2.4

Frankly is not texting. It’s a whole new way to chat with friends!

Texting is just words. What if you want to yell? Or whisper? Or be sarcastic? Or funny? It’s not just about what you say, it’s how you say it. And that’s what makes Frankly different. Words are only one part of it.

• The next best thing to being together. – Instead of just texting, now you have a whole new way to chat with friends. You can change the colors of your messages to match your mood, or make what you say big and loud or small and subtle with a simple pinch. It’s all 100% free! And that’s just the beginning.

• Un-send your Messages: you create it, you own it. – No matter what you send, when you send it, or who you send it to, you can always un-send and take it back. Forever. Even if you originally chose to keep it. And if anyone takes a screen grab of what you've sent, Frankly tells you about it.

• Meet Friends! – sometimes it’s just fun chatting with other people. If you want to participate, find some friends and chat a bit! You can join a topic, or just find other people to chat with.

• Video Messages – because sometimes words just can’t describe what’s going on, we’re giving you video chat to record what’s going on around you. Start and stop your videos to create a masterpiece and tell your story!

• Send your Voice – In a hurry? Need to say something special? No worries! just say what you want you want and we’ll send a voice chat over to your friends. Don’t worry, voice messages will still disappear in 10 seconds!

• Just like a real conversation, your messages don’t hang around. – You don’t record everything you and your friends talk about (that would be weird), so why would you save all your conversations? Every Frankly message shows up scrambled and automatically disappears after it’s read unless you – the sender – want to keep it.

• Picture this. – Now you can snap and send edge-to-edge pictures (with a peek-through preview) that you and your friends can open right in the conversation.

• The easiest way to get together with friends. – You can add friends with an invite and a Personal ID Number (PIN), their phone number, email address, or Facebook account. And once you’re connected, you can check out their profile and start chatting right away – one-to-one or in groups – you control the conversation.

• Get Social - Share your PIN to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

• Create anonymous conversations. – Want to catch up on the latest gossip? Throw a bunch of your friends into one big anonymous conversation and let the fun begin. Finally, everyone can say anything they want and Frankly makes sure that names don’t show up next to messages or pictures.

• Be anywhere in the world. – Unlike old-school SMS texting, Frankly let’s you chat with friends anywhere in the world for free. All you and your friends need is a Wi-Fi connection. See, we told you it was the next best thing to being there!
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