Remote for Apple TV v2.1

Remote for Apple TV v2.1

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Remote for Apple TV v2.1

The Remote for Apple TV app can be used as a remote control for jail-broken Apple TV (2nd generation) only.


If your Apple TV 2nd generation is NOT jail broken, this app will not work. If it is jail broken on version 4.4.4 or above, please follow the steps below. The app should work! if not , you probably did not read that your Apple TV 2nd generation should be JAIL-BROKEN or did not installed AirControl(Beta). Do not use in combination with Navi-X.

It is very easy:

- Download this app and install AirControl(beta) on your jail-broken Apple TV from the maintenance menu. If your do not have the maintenance menu please install aTV Flash(black) version 1.7 or above first!
- In this app, go to settings and enter the IP of your Apple TV.
- To use the keyboard for XBMC press menu and tap on : "XBMC-Keyboard" enable remote over http and do NOT enter any username and password! This will be added in another update.
- Start using your new remote !

We told you it was simple !

The keyboard functionality will only work if the cursor is positioned on one of the characters or input field. The jailbreak must detect an input field for correct functionality.

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