Note Board app (Ads free) v2.0.15

Note Board app (Ads free) v2.0.15

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Note Board app (Ads free) v2.0.15

Note Board is the Android version of the web:

Now you can have your notes synchronized with your android enabled device.

You can create notes with photos from the phone and see it on the extension or the web.

You can move the notes by dragging its top.
The note editor lets you change the color and size notes and other HTML features such as creating lists.
Draw notes and images.

Multiple boards: organize notes in boards, use textures to change the look of the board, move notes between boards.

Publish boards: when board's visibility is set to public, it is viewable by anyone, but nobody will be able to change the contents of the board except yourself.

Share boards: share boards with friends and let them write access rights or read-only.

Issues with old devices:
In Android 2.x can only use the plain text editor normal since the HTML unfortunately does not work. in older versions.

In android 2.x to scroll the buttons do not work well so we are no longer fixed on the top of the screen until I find a better solution.
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