Minimalism Icon Pack v3.9.9

Minimalism Icon Pack v3.9.9

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Minimalism Icon Pack v3.9.9

Introducing Minimalism, Flat styled icons with fresh accent colors for those who like to keep their homescreen simple and flat but with style.

Inspired from iOS 7 Redesign Concept

There are many photo back icons included too which makes the homescreen look much more vivid on mixing with other icons

There are 450 icons in this pack for now in 144x144 pixels res. Many more icons would be added in upcoming updates !

Creator(s) :
- DD-Ripper @XDA Developers
- MuSaddiq @XDA Developers

Launchers Supported :
Holo launcher
Holo Launcher Hd
Apex Launcher
Nova Launcher
Kitkat Prime Launcher
Go Launcher
Adw Launcher
Adw Launcher EX
Solo Launcher
Action Launcher
Xperia Home(Not stock xperia launcher)

For Icon requests, bugs and feedback please feel free to mail me or visit my xda thread for the same located here :

If you like this icon pack please support us by rating it and sending your valuable feedback to us.

Cheers !

Team GFX Bandits
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