Gymme - Gym Personal Trainer v14.93

Gymme - Gym Personal Trainer v14.93

Rating: 4
Gymme - Gym Personal Trainer v14.93

Gymme! Your android body building personal trainer!
You no longer need timers, pens or paper to manage your workouts.
Spend two minutes to enter your workout and... that's it ... everything else is done by Gymme.
Gymme will automatically tell you what's your next workout! Record your performance (enter weight/reps/sets), leave yourself a comment/note (optional), use the rest timer for precise rest periods before the next set or exercise.
Gymme will automatically save a log of your session!
A great 1RM tool will calculate indirect maximals and correct weights per reps/set

- preloaded workout ready to use for beginners and intermediate
- 400+ exercises (with images). You can add custom exercises, set your favorites and manage Selector information (eg: seat position)
- SEND/SHARE WORKOUTS! You can send a workout to a friend or, if you're a personal trainer, send it to your clients
- PRINT & SEND workouts by email
- Personal Trainer Mode: each clients has his own wo and measures' archive
- Widget for under-trained muscle groups! (Pro ONLY)
- WORKOUT GENERATOR! Enter 4 simple parameters and Gymme will build a workout for you!
- accurate calculation of expected workout duration
- accurate calculation of expected workout intensity
- powerful performance logging and progress charting engine (eg: Analyze your workouts for Muscle Group - Volume, Muscle Group - Rest, Training intensity, Physical progression (Weight, body measurements), and many many more!
- automatically load the next routine to be performed (for that week) and automatically load the next exercise to be performed during that workout session
- use you're own style for recording weights (eg: one side, both sides, both sides + barbell)
- save and inspect your workout logs
- accurate kcal burst calculation (per set/exercise/routine)
- in-line editing of sets during workout
- multiple countdown timers
- benchmark: Best performances archive
- wide range of options
- backup/restore your data
- custom exercise groups
- can download and import wo files from site

14.77 Moruga
wo Exec: set worktime and overall worktime
+30 kettlebell exercises
added neck and glutes measures
overall stats: added total worktime, average worktime and longest session
preferences to set requested measures
downloadable workouts preloaded in offline archive (internet permission removed)
14.76 Habanero
overall stats from main screen
builder: added "Twenty-ones" and "Rest Pause" styles
builder: added styles' explanation
wo exec: progress bar and personal note indicator
exer list: labels for indicators
exercises: save confirmation only if there were changes
added kettlebell tool (other preloaded exercises will come), added 10 exercises

14.78 Naga Morich
Exec: YouTube link to video related to current exercise, lbs/kg conversion, logs of last execution fo current exercise
neck and glutes measures chart
new first use wizard
added some abs exercises
14.75 Propuesta Indecente
Workout Builder (beta)! a lot of parameters to tailor and generate your wo!
Stilize wo with normal/pyramid/Reverse pyramid/Drop sets and Negatives. Other styles will follow
Tones list changes according to volume type
13.70 Pinguì
faster calendars
new preference alarm volume = system volume for call or notification
bug fix: timers
13.68 Quinquy
option button>share screenshots in every mask
big pulsing counter in the last seconds
PT MODE:send email with info summary to clients
PT MODE:insert base exercises maximals for every client
Revised Wo and groups calendar
-advanced search filter in exercise archive
-massive exercise inclusion/exclusion from generator
-per user hearth rate levels