Vivid UI v1.6.8

Vivid UI v1.6.8

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Vivid UI v1.6.8

Please only purchase this theme if you have the newest Cyanogenmod theme engine installed and are on the latest nightly. If you are not, you will experiencing a wifi setting force close. For Paranoid Android Users, please wait for an update. Please email me for help.

Experiencing a bug? Join the community & post it -

• Cyanogenmod 11 (Latest Nightly)
• Paranoid Android RC2+ (Coming Soon)

Other themes will not get support so if you’re on another rom, when purchasing, make sure you’re okay with that.

This theme looks best on xhdpi & xxhdpi devices. Devices below, such as hdpi, mdpi or ldpi are not supported but may work regardless.

• Bootanimation (New Material Design Default)
• Lockscreen & Homescreen Wallpaper
• New Roboto Font

• General UI
• Dialer
• Messaging App
• Contacts App (Coming Soon)
• Camera App
• Notification Drawer
• Quicksettings Drawer
• Settings
• Cyanogenmod Flash
• Paranoid Android Lightbulb
• Google Keyboard
• AOSP Keyboard
• Whatsapp
• Gmail

• -400 error is caused by dirty flashing your rom, to fix it you need to clean install your rom
• Theme is not applied properly - please reboot your phone
• Theme engine Force Closes - please clear your dalvik cache and fix permissions

Please email me for the -400 error and other issues you may encounter
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