Burst Action v1.22

Burst Action v1.22

Rating: 3
Burst Action v1.22

Are you looking for a new action packed skill obsessive game? Want a fun and addictive challenge? Then Burst is for you!

Immerse yourself in a chaotic fantasy war full of action against mutated creatures. You are to fight and defeat them all. All the way to the end of the dungeon, finding the source of magic that was corrupted and return the world back to how it once was.

You are given 100 lives to beat 26 stages, facing over 10 unique enemies including boss fights. Are you ready to top on Burst? Or are you going to run away from the challenge?

- 26 Levels full of action.
- Endless Mode!
- Time Attack Mode!
- Online Leaderboards!
- More modes!
- New Chapters!

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We'd appreciate if you would report any issues you're having with Burst to Probe Games email: probe.games.studio@gmail.com and please include your device make and model.

Probe Games:
Tin Nguyen - Concept, design, art, animations, programmer.
Arthur Papadakis - Programmer, sound designer (music composition), design.
Pat Whelan - Design
Kevin Akom - Art and animations.

Sound effects used for Burst:
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