The Mystery of Skull Island v1.1

The Mystery of Skull Island v1.1

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The Mystery of Skull Island v1.1

Welcome to a new title in our “The Mystery” series. This time we bring you “The Mystery of the Skull Island!”

Captain one foot has been searching for Skull Island his whole life. His reason, a treasure that has been buried there. Solve amazing puzzles, find objects and use them to fight your way through the island!

Will you be able to find the treasure on the island?

Prove yourself in this amazing Point and Click

- Based on Point and Click games

- Amazing graphics that will immerse you in the story

- Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve

- An amazing soundtrack 

- Auto-Saved

- HD Graphics

- All items tagged

- No hidden objects

- Translated into: Spanish-English-Italian-French-German

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