Defend The Bunker - World War v2.0

Defend The Bunker - World War v2.0

Rating: 3
Defend The Bunker - World War v2.0

The most awaited defense sequel is finally here: Defend The Bunker - World War.

Get ready to take down the enemy with powerful weapons from your territory. With groundbreaking new missions & drop-dead gorgeous visuals, exciting upgrades & destructive weapons, Defend the bunker 2 is the next evolution in tower defending game. Defend your base with MMG, Flame thrower, Slower, Bomber tower, Airstrike, Mines, Missile & Laser Tower.

One of the best strategic and tactical defense game ever.

Features :
- Plenty of powerful weapons
- All new exclusive maps
- Enjoy 50 challenging Glorious victories
- 15 War Themes."
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