Metal Earth: The Gray Matter v3.1.1

Metal Earth: The Gray Matter v3.1.1

Rating: 5
Metal Earth: The Gray Matter v3.1.1

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"Well recommended for any sci-fi/RPG fan; 4.5/5" -Super Game Droid

"Great Galactic Action, 8.2/10" -Tapscape

"The RPG elements make the game look like a mobile version of Mass Effect." -Baixaki

"Metal Earth: The Gray Matter is an action packed gaming app for the Android" -Techclones

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-Fast paced Action RPG
-Customize your Guardian
-Multiple endings
-6 Mini Games to complement Story Mode
-Travel and fight across 4 space stations
-Earn High Scores and Medals

Based on the Metal Earth book series, you'll volunteer as a Guardian of the Republic to help save the Alliance and its space stations. Create your character by choosing an Avatar, Profession, Space Station Origin, Armor, as well as some bonus skills. Use all your resources to investigate the mysterious mechanical mishaps and unexplained deaths. Replay the game as a new character and experience different gameplay, character responses, and endings.

In addition to Story Mode, there are six Mini Games: Bomb-a-Thon, Pilot Ace, War Room, Biohazard, Friend or Foe, and Vs. Goliath. Battle in quick sessions or for an extended time and earn Medals and High Scores. For the curious player, the game includes a full Codex, Strategy pages, and information on the book series.

Create a Character details:
Professions: Commando, Agent, Engineer, Medic
Origin (Associated skill): Akyria (Subterfuge), Oyioh (Valor), Veeson (Diplomacy), Ikoss (Rebel Luck)
Bonus Skill: Technician, Saboteur, Pilot, Trainer
Armor: Exor, Titan

Metal Earth: The Gray Matter is an action RPG designed to appease all skill and age levels. It features a variety of gameplay features such as piloting a Cruiser, bomb defusal, hacking, as well as top down shooting.
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