Dr. Slump Defense v1.0.3

Dr. Slump Defense v1.0.3

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Dr. Slump Defense v1.0.3

в–  Doctor Slump Arare-chan, one of the greatest animation of all times comes back as Defense Game.
в–  Re-experience the animation with various characters along with cool skills and strategy.
в–  The strongest Arale and people of Penguin Village saves the against Dr. Mashirito.

в–¶ All your favorite Characters
From Arale to various characters we all love

▶ Arale’s Dynamic Action
Experience Arale’s Dynamic Action with game skills.
Also enjoy skills of villagers and other various characters .

в–¶ Various Strategy
Normal Mode, Random Mode, Escort Mode, Endless Mode.
Upgrading various Units and Arale.
Combine Arale and Villagers’ skills to create best strategy per each stage
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