Final Days - Zombie Survival v3.2

Final Days - Zombie Survival v3.2

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Final Days - Zombie Survival v3.2

NOTICE: To anyone purchasing the game, it is about to go into a long process of going from open-beta to the official release. Mostly every feature of the game will change and much more will be added (Crafting and Multiplayer included!) So please wait to rate the game until after the closed beta is released! Thank you :)

A deadly series of plagues has wiped out most of the worlds population. You're one of the few people in the world left uninfected, and you have to apply your skills of survival to live to see another day. Scavenge in a huge open world for weapons, medication, and supplies to increase your chance for survival. With a real time day/night system, you must prepare for long nights, where it is pitch dark and you are more vulnerable to zombie attacks.

With a huge open world containing many vast locations such as military bases, houses, and enter-able 10-story apartment buildings, you are bound to have hours of entertainment!

Will you survive?


- Huge open world
- Tons of zombies
- Day/Night cycle
- Lootable weapons, ammo, and health packs
- Working inventory

вњ–вњ–вњ–вњ– ATTENTION вњ–вњ–вњ–вњ–

Final Days is in beta and is being heavily worked on daily by our dev team. Leaving a rating/review announcing any bugs/glitches would be greatly appreciated. It is required to have a newer device for the game to run smoothly.

вњ–вњ–вњ–вњ– TROUBLE SHOOTING вњ–вњ–вњ–вњ–

If you are having performance issues, there can be many causes. Since the game is still in beta, one part of the world is a bit more laggy than the other parts (Because of buildings and zombies spawning). This will obviously be fixed in later versions. In the meantime, Here is how you can resolve any performance issues while playing "Final Days":

- Make sure all applications are closed and not running at the time of you playing the game. Many active apps can cause the CPU in your device to cook, so making sure all applications are closed and inactive will greatly increase overall performance.

- Your device greatly contributes to the performance of the game. Having an older device can result in performance issues, so make sure you have a newer device or a device with a decent processor. Final Days runs best on ARMv7 devices.

PLEASE DO NOT RATE THIS APP BELOW 3 STARS! WE ARE TRYING TO IMPROVE THE GAME DAILY! If you do rate the game below 3 stars, please explain why :)

Have anymore troubleshooting tips? Email us at:!
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