Crazy Chicken Simulator v1.0

Crazy Chicken Simulator v1.0

Rating: 3
Crazy Chicken Simulator v1.0

вњ”вњ”вњ” This unique game will allow you to go as crazy chicken! вњ”вњ”вњ”

вњ”вњ”вњ” swept across a cartoon town filled with hurrying people, climb all the places where you can, take a ride on the mill, jump on the electric wire and it is only the beginning!

вњ”вњ”вњ” In the game you will meet amazing in size city, full of adventure for a small chicken.

вњ”вњ”вњ” Play family and put a personal best, take a dip in the cartoon world in which a lot of funny situations and adventures!

вњ”вњ”вњ” Your suggestions and comments you can send our of electronic mail and we will be happy to answer you:

The game is in the early stages of development, getting the game, you help the developer to improve it. In the future, may increase the cost, hurry to buy now!