U-Boat Simulator v1.28

U-Boat Simulator v1.28

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U-Boat Simulator v1.28

U-Boat Simulator is a game set in World War 2, you can control a U-Boat German submarine and sink enemy ships launching fast torpedoes.

The instructions are in preparation at this address:

For the last news and other information, there is a page on Facebook :
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Tutorials on YouTube :

Here is a brief explanation:

You can scroll and zoom the map with your fingers, its borders are highlighted by yellow lines on the edges.
Your submarine is green, enemies are red, allies are blue and neutral units are black, while the units not yet identified are gray.
The submarine is indicated with a rhombus and a cross, warships with a rhombus and commercial vessels with a square.

On the top left of the screen there are the indicators with the speed, course and depth.
Clicking on it opens a window to edit them and MOVE THE SUBMARINE.

Always at the top, there are the boxes with the health, the batteries, the oxygen and fuel, the date and time acceleration.
Clicking on the box acceleration is possible to increase the speed of the game.

On the bottom and left there is the map scale, and above the scale there is the frame rate (FR).

On the bottom of the screen there are buttons to go on the map, to go to the screen of the charging torpedoes, to bring up the window for launching torpedoes and guidelines, the button to exit the game and on the right the button to put in pause the game.

Clicking on any unit, on the left some usefull informations will appear about its distance, course, speed etc..

The fuel is consumed only browsing on the surface, the batteries and the oxygen staying underwater (they can be recharged at the surface), health decreases when you bang against a ship, when hit by the guns of the enemy ships or near breaks out of depth charges.

This is the Full version of the game (not free).
Before buying the full game, it is better to try the free demo version that contains some limitations and is updated rarely, it is better to download it just to have an idea of the game and to test if this game is compatible with your smartphone :

Differences between the Demo and the Full version :

Time acceleration limited to 128x.
Only 14 torpedoes available, NOT replaceable by calling the torpedoes transport.
The damaged submarine is NOT repairable.
Oxygen and batteries NOT rechargeable at surface.

Time acceleration up to 512x.
Torpedoes replaceable by calling the torpedoes transport.
Fuel refillable by calling the torpedoes transport.
Damaged submarine repairable up to 75% at surface, up to 100% by calling the torpedoes transport.
Oxygen and batteries rechargeable at surface.
Indication for good launch of torpedoes (colored circles).

If you encounter bugs or malfunctions, let me know by email, thank you !
Have fun !!
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