House Secrets v1.3

House Secrets v1.3

Rating: 4
House Secrets v1.3

Every house has its secrets - some of them in broad daylight, some are hidden somewhat better. In the shadows.

This wonderful hidden object game gives you the unique opportunity to find amazing life-like items in different rooms of a suburban house.

What we give you, are three difficulty levels:
- CASUAL - No time limit and quick hint. All modes available for each unlocked level!
- NORMAL - Time limit and slower hint. Each use of hint costs 2 seconds. Only those modes you've played in the previous level are available in the next one.
- EXPERT - Bonus mode for those who got all stars on all levels in either CASUAL or NORMAL mode.

Each scene can be completed in three search modes:

Complete each of them on the scene to get three stars! Go back to previous levels to get a better score and unlock the next section!


• clever fun to solve hidden object scenes
• item search by word or by pictures and by silhouette
• inspiring artwork in realistic locations
• difficulty levels and unlockable content
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