Hidden Object: House Secrets 2 v1.0.20

Hidden Object: House Secrets 2 v1.0.20

Rating: 6
Hidden Object: House Secrets 2 v1.0.20

Delve deeper into the house, deeper into secrets.

Take a careful step to the left and dig into the classified doors and rooms of this humble abode and solve the mystery circulating it. Solve what is behind the shadow foreseeing the unknown.

This game is geared with three difficulties:
- CASUAL - No time limit and quick hint. All modes available for each unlocked level!
- NORMAL - Time limit and slower hint. Each use of hint costs 2 seconds. Only those modes you've played in the previous level are available in the next one.
- EXPERT - Bonus mode for those who got all stars on all levels in either CASUAL or NORMAL mode.

Each scene can be completed in four search modes:
- By Remember & Find


- clever fun to solve hidden object scenes
- item search by word or by pictures, by remembering & finding and by silhouette
- inspiring artwork in realistic locations

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