Kids ABC Letter Phonics v1.8.5

Kids ABC Letter Phonics v1.8.5

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Kids ABC Letter Phonics v1.8.5

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This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

Tip: Try our Kids ABC Letter Phonics Lite first. If you like it (and you will love it), then get this paid version - it doesn't stop at the letter H and offers a child lock.

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Kids ABC Letters and followed by Kids ABC Trains
Kids ABC Letter Phonics is the second app in our Reading Curriculum Series.

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Kids ages 2-7 (Yes, parents tell us even two-year-olds are using it!)

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This delightful game invites preschool-aged children to listen and learn the ABCs in ways that enchant them.

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With Kids ABC Phonics, your kids will learn the alphabet letter sounds – guaranteed!

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Kids ABC Phonics teaches letter sounds and the basics of blending, but does not teach the next step, which is fluency in actual reading. Developing reading skills is a separate educational goal, which is covered in a separate game, called Kids Learn to Read, which was featured at the Google I/O on May 11th. Including in-depth reading skills in Kids ABC Phonics would detract from the focus of this game and make it too complex to invite and delight children.

в?…в?…в?… What activities are included in this game? в?…в?…в?…
The game has four wonderfully child-friendly sections.

вћЉ Learn Letter Sounds. Kids hold and turn a picture-filled letter block and hear the ABC phonics being pronounced.

вћ‹ Build Letter Blocks. Children have fun building phonics recognition skills by making their own ABC blocks.

вћЊ Pop Letter Bubbles. Kids love to pop bubbles. But don't be fooled. By the time children are done with this game, they will know what letter goes with which sound by heart.

вћЌ Make words. While putting puzzles together, kids learn the basics of phonics blending. These skills will be further exercised and expanded in the upcoming Kids Reading game.

Every section is designed so children enjoy success time after time and receive positive reinforcement from the likable lady teacher. So they want to keep learning.
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