Binary Star Pentalogy v1.0

Binary Star Pentalogy v1.0

Rating: 6
Binary Star Pentalogy v1.0

As Captain Steven Ram ensure peace for the people of the Sagiitarii in the Patau wars in the double star system Sirius B.
Experience a game of the superlative when you prove yourself in 2 missions with a total of 12 operations.
Enjoy 2 complementary freeplay operations between the missions. Look forward to a breath-taking gameplay. Steer your spaceship exclusively with the motion sensor of your device. Pay attention to your time, your fuel consumption, and save weapon energy to be able to strike back at the crucial moment.
Fly through tricky cave systems, breath-taking jungle and mountain landscapes, meteoric swarms in space and experience the flight through the well-protected metropolises of the Patau and the Sagiitarii.
Look forward to highspeed levels in which you chase the enemy's mothership and thrilling levels where you have to destroy a specified amount of objects to successfully complete your operations.

The Patau begrudge peace to the people of the Sagiitarii.To start with, you, Captain Steven Ram, are required to cut off the logistics of the Patau uncompromisingly. Fly in your first mission to "Zola Prime", the home planet of the Patau. In the last operation of the mission your aim is to destroy the production sites of the Patau in their capital "Zola City".

Unfortunately the Patau succeed in reaching your home planet Alshat in the second mission.
Strike the Patau back, chase their mothership and destroy it.

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