GTA: San Andreas Cheater v2.0

GTA: San Andreas Cheater v2.0

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GTA: San Andreas Cheater v2.0

Allows anyone with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for android to apply cheats. Due to requests from people really wanting to cheat, this app is being released early. More cheats, languages and options will be coming soon in updates.

Due to changes in the way the new GTA San Andreas works, this cheater app is a bit different to previous ones. Instead of having a keyboard to type in the cheats, they are now applied before the game loads.

If you like this app and want to see it continually developed then please give positive reviews. Any issues please contact us via email and we will do our best to rectify them.

1. Go to CJ's house and save the game in a new slot.
2. Open this app and select the same slot you just saved the game to.
3. Select the cheats you want to use, then press save.
4. Go back to the game and load the save.
5. Have fun cheating.

Current Cheats
+ Infinite Health
+ Infinite Armor
+ Infinite Sprint
+ Maximum Money
+ No Police
+ 6 Star Wanted
+ Taxis Have NOS
+ Prostitutes Pay you
+ Everyone Riots
+ Thug Weapons
+ Professional Weapons
+ Nutter Weapons
+ Minigun Cheat
+ Infinite Ammo
+ Spawn Tank
+ Spawn Jet Fighter
+ Spawn Helicopter
+ Spawn Sports Car
+ Spawn Monster Truck
+ Spawn Any Vehicle
+ Custom Respect
+ Custom Stamina
+ Custom Muscle
+ Custom Fat
+ Custom Sex Appeal

Coming Soon
+ More Cheats
+ Option To Remove Cheats

Languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Turkish and Italian.

This application contains not code from the actual game, modifications are made to already existing files.

Version 1.1
+ Added Infinite Health Cheat
+ Added Infinite Armor Cheat

Version 1.2
+ Fixed issue with German version of the game. (Please email if you still have issues)

Version 1.4
+ Added Infinite Sprint Cheat
+ Added Respect, Stamina, Muscle, Fat and Sex Appeal Cheats

Version 1.5
+ Added Russian and Japanese Languages. (Used Google Translate so please contact us if they aren't very good)

Version 1.6
+ Added ability to spawn any vehicle.
+ Added option to use the Minigun.

Version 1.7
+ Added option to restore to state before cheats.
+ Improved Russian and Japanese languages thanks to contributors.

Version 1.8
+ Added Turkish and Italian languages thanks to contributors
+ Added No Police Cheat
+ Added 6 Star Wanted Level Cheat
+ Added Taxis Have NOS Cheat
+ Added Prostitutes Pay You Cheat
+ Added Everyone Riots Cheat

Version 1.9
+ Improvements to languages
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anees Guests 17 August 2014 02:55
Quote: kevron graham



This game is so vood
Devin Guests 15 September 2014 09:47
I Know Right
johnson Guests 24 September 2014 20:42
i so like ur cheater pls give me download
apple Guests 28 September 2014 08:05
How to download
t Guests 5 October 2014 04:40
It's working

It's work working
zuhaib Guests 17 October 2014 06:31
City faisalabad
m Guests 17 October 2014 22:48
How do I get it for free
sherwin Guests 21 October 2014 11:33
it works i like it hahahahahahaha
mohamedmowlid Guests 23 October 2014 09:11
Nice cheater
Mateeullah nazar
Mateeullah nazar Guests 23 October 2014 10:08
Download gta san andreas please cheater ghol okhrai
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