Radium v3.1.5

Radium v3.1.5

Rating: 2
Radium v3.1.5

Radium is a minimalistic skill game, featuring an unique control you've never seen before. By pressing the left or right side of the screen, the orb is pulled to the direction of the corresponding button. Your goal is to navigate the ball as fast as possible through the level. New levels will be unlocked depending on how fast solved the previous ones.

• 130 levels of increasing difficulty
• Physic based
• Automatic zoom and scroll function
• HD graphics
• Unique control


"Radium is probably one of the most enjoyable, unique physics-based game on the Play Store right now."

SuperGameDroid.com named it as one of the 20 most under appreciated Indie Android Games of 2013.
"Radium is definitely one of the best indie games released this year..."
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