Dark Chess (Full version) v1.1.1

Dark Chess (Full version) v1.1.1

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Dark Chess (Full version) v1.1.1

Dark Chess is a variation of the Chess game. You can only see the squares on the chess board which your pieces can move to.

The differences between Chess and Dark Chess are as follows:
A piece is able to "see" the squares it attacks and can go to: If you open e2-e4 you will see d5, e5, and f5, since the pawn can move or capture those squares. You will also see the squares on the diagonals opened for the queen and bishop.
Squares that you cannot see (none of your pieces can move to them) are "dark" and you are not shown what may or may not be on them.

It’s very important to keep your board a secret because this Chess variation lies in keeping the placement of your pieces a secret from your partner.


• Seven levels of difficulty in solo mode: simple to very hard
• Play with friends or random opponents online
• Online games are saved on server (note: your game is saved for one week; if you don’t make you move for one week, you lose the match)
• Simple, easy to use interface
• Several sets of chess pieces and boards
• Full undo
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