Mr Bean Slider Puzzle v1.0

Mr Bean Slider Puzzle v1.0

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Mr Bean Slider Puzzle v1.0

The official Mr Bean Slider Puzzle App

Mr Bean has been busy playing his slide puzzle, but now he's confused and needs your help! Race against the clock as you help Mr Bean by sliding his tiles to complete his game in the official Mr Bean Slider Puzzle app.

Choose a theme, pick a picture, decide your difficulty level and beat the clock.
Once you've solved Mr Bean’s slider puzzle, share your time with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email.

App features:
- Six categories (Sport, Animals, Music, Food, Transport and Teddy) all with imagery from the official Mr Bean Animated Series
- Six puzzles in each category
- Four levels of difficulty to choose from: 3x3; 4x4; 5x5 and 6x6
- Hint options: see the un-scrambled image and use the number function to see what order the puzzle goes in.
- Email, Facebook, Twitter and save image capabilities
- Optimised for English, Spanish and Chinese.

This game is based on the Mr Bean animation series, famously based on Rowan Atkinson's character.
This entertaining and addictive game is similar to the 15 puzzle games (also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square)
Family fun for all ages, for kids and adults alike.
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