KaFa v1.3

KaFa v1.3

Rating: 10
KaFa v1.3

Come and join the fun! "Kafa" is a minimalistic, black & white, reflex game which will challenge your concentration!

You as “Ka" should help “Fa" to Trip in borders. Be Careful, it is quite addictive....with its reversed controls and optical illusions the game will manipulate player's mind about the concepts of speed and direction..... so let's see how focused and concentrate are you!

You can share your tripping points on Facebook and challenge your friends, or as some of our players recommend, you can do a “Play Play, Pass!” while you are with friends.

For now there are 6 levels available, but we are adding more with every update.

Keywords: tripping , kafa , parkour , survive , head , rave , extreme , pilot , chase
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