Shinobi Sun:NinjaFighter v1.0

Shinobi Sun:NinjaFighter v1.0

Rating: 13
Shinobi Sun:NinjaFighter v1.0

A ninja can use various ninjutsu (ninja skills).
When you use matching ninjutsu (ninja skills), you can overcome difficult stages.

в–  Easy operation в– 
The operation is very simple!
Just tap to jump over obstacles and valleys.

в–  Creating ninjutsu в– 
By combining multiple items, you can obtain ninjutsu.

в–  Total of 10+ stages в– 
Each time you advance to the next stage, the level of difficulty increases. So use your skills well to defeat the boss at the end.
Besides the stages, a "challenge map" is provided to show-off your accomplishments to your friends.
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