Boss Wave v1.0.2

Boss Wave v1.0.2

Rating: 2
Boss Wave v1.0.2

With some friendly extra-terrestrial help, shoot, explode and smash your way to victory. Aliens have some pretty sweet technology and they've given it to you on this most heroic of tasks. Don't question their motives, who cares when there's stuff to destroy!

I'm guessing an average player will take about 1-2 hours to wrap the game on normal difficulty.

• 15 hand crafted levels in 5 different environments
• 5 bosses and a whole bunch of different lesser baddies
• 4 unique mini games with 3 levels of difficulty
• 4 distinct and upgradeable weapons
• 4 upgradeable suit attributes
• Immersive and totally realistic dialog and story
• Pseudo-retro graphics
• Unique and touch-based input scheme which is pretty great
• Support for gamepads/controllers like MOGA, Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R., NVIDIA SHIELD, etc
• Some other stuff
• No in-app purchases, ads or other nonsense
• Custom music by Chris Lacroix [ ]

Google Game services:
• Leaderboards for each level
• 25 achievements [ some of them are really hard so good luck with that ]
• Cloud save your progress across devices/installs


User accounts:
• Used by Google Play Game Services for achievements, leaderboards and cloud save

Internet access:
• Used by Google Analytics to send anonymous stats on game play (like how long each level takes)
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