Stack Challenge v2.1

Stack Challenge v2.1

Rating: 5
Stack Challenge v2.1

This physics-based puzzle game requires you to stack hundreds of different objects to solve over 200 unique challenges. School buses, lawnmowers, guitars and sharks: stack 'em all! Avoid obstacles and don't get zapped. If your wobbly stack reaches all of the target zones and stands for 5 seconds, you win! It's PILES of fun!

• 240 unique challenges and 8 different themed worlds
• Pure Multitouch: Use one, two, or even ten fingers to move and rotate objects
• Over 300 unique objects to stack with realistic physical properties
• Two types of challenge modes: Object (use as few objects as possible) and Time (complete as fast as possible)
• Brand new challenges released regularly

Think the odds are stacked against you?

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