Gravity Hero. v1.4

Gravity Hero. v1.4

Rating: 3
Gravity Hero. v1.4

This game contains NO In App Purchases or Adverts.

Following the rapid expansion into the universe, Earth's natural resources have dwindled to a minimum. In 3041 Earth's Government issued an order to search out planets and asteroids ripe for harvesting and capable of supplying Earths needs. However upon colonisation it quickly became apparent that we were not the only intelligent life form in the universe, nor were we the only planet with dramatic resource needs.

In the short time that followed the human toll soared as the threat grew ever greater. As part of Earth's response to this new alien threat Gravity tournaments were held to find the most skillful pilots capable of defending the colonies from alien attack. You are one such pilot, a winner of the Gravity tournament, a Gravity Hero.

Piloting your highly maneuverable craft you must defend Earth's mining efforts on these new worlds from an invading alien force. Protect the miners at all cost and secure Earth's desperately needed resources.

• NO In-App purchases or adverts, once you buy it, that's it no more

• 4 Training levels.
• 10 Pulse pounding levels with multiple objectives and missions.
• Stylised graphics.
• In game story and cut scenes.
• A Dynamic control system which incorporates direction of movement
and levels of thrust all in one touch (A user friendly control system)
• Fully equipped ship with Missiles, pulse, beam weapons and shields.
• Fully Upgrade-able weapons.
• Programmable weapon buttons.
• Basic objectives presented so you always know what to do.
• Hi-Scores for each level and planet, plus overall score total.
• Range of alien ships to hunt down.
• Various big ship boss characters and final level challenge.
• A fantastic pulsing and catchy soundtrack.

Whats stopping you, play today.
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