Puzzle House: Mystery Rising v1.0.3

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising v1.0.3

Rating: 3
Puzzle House: Mystery Rising v1.0.3

When an unexpected visitor crash-lands on your front porch, embark on a captivating 3D adventure that leads you to a hidden valley lost deep in the mountains. Piece together alien technology, explore a mysterious obelisk, and solve intricate puzzles protecting an incredible family secret.

TouchArcade forum reviews:

"Wooooooooooow! Really loving this so far. It feels like The Room, unroomified and with a wider range of puzzles. It's already blown me away."

"Loving it so far! One of the best games so far this year."

"It was a fun ride all the way through! I would highly recommend this...I'm hooked."

"If you liked the Room, you'll love this. If you loved the Room, you'll absolutely terrifically become speechless at this game. Amazing."

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising takes place in an expansive 3D world, emphasizing beautiful scenes and sweeping outdoor vistas. Players smoothly move from place to place, freely explore objects from all angles, and find hidden nooks and crannies. Puzzle House: Mystery Rising was built from the ground up to have room to play, and immerses the player in an engaging adventure story that is family-appropriate for players of all ages.

The puzzles, of course, are what make the game. Puzzle House: Mystery Rising doubled-down on both the variety and uniqueness. Find secret keys inside hidden compartments inside a buried monument. Hack your way past high-tech keypads. Decipher a cryptic journal that came from a surprising source. Assemble ever-more complex objects that are out-of-this-world. Crank cranks, slide sliders, leverage levers, and escape reality with this sci-fi story-based adventure puzzle game. Use clues from an interactive journal to decipher the mystery of grandma's disappearance as you find your way steadily closer to the mysterious, secluded Puzzle House.
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