Dragon War - Origin v1.3.1

Dragon War - Origin v1.3.1

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Dragon War - Origin v1.3.1

Dragon War is a classic fantasy SLG .No network ,No IAP.
You can enjoy a simply single game.
It is simply but not simple.


в?…Internal Affair system -
Develop your kingdom?
Find the treasure or meet a talent?
that your choose.

в?…Real time war map system -
real time interact with other city .
Fight or Escape ?
make your decision at the moment.

в?…Real time battle system -
you are the commander of the war
.Change the result with your every comment.

в?…Rich content-
7 different powers for your choose
over 45 cities let you build your kingdom
over 200 heroes are waiting for you
Enjoy the Dragon War world in different way ,write your own legend.

In the tales , there have a absolute power in the world - Dragons .Who get the power ,who will be the king of the world .But no one know the horrible result .100 year ago ,the king of Amer Kingdom find the dragon power .He destroy a city easy as kill an ant .Not much time ,he become the king of the world ,but when he turn back ,he can only see dark & dead .Nothing leave in the world .He wake up ,but too late .He hide the dragon power ,and kill him self .After that ,no one can find it out .
After 100 years ,peace was came and gone .Every one doubt the other hide the power .Someone want to destroy it ,someone want to find it ,someone want to own it .But the most people think ,it is a good excuse to have a war.Anyway ,the war was began....
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