TankTrouble v1.0.6

TankTrouble v1.0.6

Rating: 14
TankTrouble v1.0.6

The most explosive, fast-paced, action-packed tank game is now available for Android devices! Battle head-to-head and navigate your tank through tricky mazes and a mayhem of bouncing bullets to outsmart your foes before they outsmart you. Challenge your friends in local multiplayer on the same device or face the evil space dog Laika in Single Player destruction if you dare! So dust off your dodging skills and think fast before your tank is turned into shrapnel.

With the addition of powerups TankTrouble is now even more chaotic and downright dangerous! Pick up the Gatling gun and hold the fire button to unleash a flurry of bullets, use the frag bomb to decimate your foes in a storm of shrapnel or bring destruction upon your enemies from afar with the RCMissile and Laser.

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