Blacksmith Clicker v1.0.0

Blacksmith Clicker v1.0.0

Rating: 28
Blacksmith Clicker v1.0.0

You are a click big! (Touch Clicker's king?)
If you touch a monster, you can get the gold!

Purchase a variety of equipment to gather gold and strengthen again to proceed with the adventure (fighting).

So, you can get more gold!

Will be your best ranked players.

в?… tablet devices support в?…

Click keoda smith (nogada Clicker) Features:!

в—† infinity-click (touch)! Easy interface! Guarantee fun and addiction! New concept!

в—† Test your passion and luck through buying and reinforce apparatus!

в—† Battle with various monsters!

Thank you !!!

- Ignored korean language on screenshot, this game is english version.
- Increase instead of decrease
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