Heroes Skayrilma v0.3.9 Mod

Heroes Skayrilma v0.3.9 Mod

Rating: 2
Heroes Skayrilma v0.3.9 Mod

Heroes Skayrilma- This is mobile 3D game in the genre of Action / RPG.
  As the leader of the rebel group of heroes, the player takes over the command of floating in the celestial heights of the ark, which is the main menu of the game between battles.
  The key point of the game - a fight with adaptive control and AI assistants. To manage the available team of 3 characters. Single player is a cooperative battle in real time with a wide variety of PVP modes, including opposition to the mode of floating fortresses, in which the player can open the front and to organize rear. For those players who like to experiment with builds and tactics, obtaining new heroes and the activation of new synergies will be a great boon. But even fully focused on improving the skills of their favorite team, do not forget to place your characters in the garrisons of the ark for the production of game resources, the presence of which could have a decisive importance for any character of the game.
  As a player for more than 30 playable characters, presented 10 different races. Animation fight and voice reflects the peculiarities of their character, and an open dialogue will allow a deeper dive into the vibrant and dynamic world. Gameplay - is the core Heroes Skayrilma, the characters - is the heart of the game.

Mod List:

1. 1hit kill (Player only)
2. God mode (Player only)

Install original apk
Sign In FB or VK
Complete Tutorial
No deleting original apk install mod apk,log in FB or VK and play
Now available only Russian language

What is New:
Добавлена функция выбора случайного никнейма

Р?справлена проблема СЃ невозможностью ввести никнейм Сѓ некоторых пользователей

Р?справлена РєРЅРѕРїРєР° "Помощь"

Р?справлена ошибка принудительного обучения РЅР° 18-Рј СѓСЂРѕРІРЅРµ

Р?справлено некорректное оповещение Рѕ РїСЂРёРІСЏР·РєРµ аккаунта после РІС…РѕРґР° РІ РёРіСЂСѓ
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