Spaceship Rotation v1.1.0

Spaceship Rotation v1.1.0

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Spaceship Rotation v1.1.0

--- 21 LEVELS OF FUN ---

RAT Interactive presents Space Ship Rotation, the ultimate maze game. Can you rotate your ship through 21 tricky levels of fun. dodge your way past multiple types turrets and other flying objects to reach the checkpoint towards the next level. Unlock achievements throughout and compete on the leaderboard to be the best or even the worst.

Use your collected in-game coins (that means no IAPs here) to purchase awesome ships and more.

Free Updates with new levels & skins guaranteed!!

No Ads or IAPS in this application

HIGH XP Achievements (Level Up on GPG fast)
Twitter Integration
25 Achievements to collect
Google Play Game Services

Ross Thompson - Game/Graphics Creator
Trevor Lentz - Theme Music
OpenGameArt.Org - Misc Sound Effects (CC)

What is New:
* Level 21 Added!

* Updated 5 Ship Styles

* Many Menu Graphics Changes

* Settings Menu Changes

* Added 3rd Controls Layout Option

* Added Motion Sickness Setting

* Updated Circle Gates & Key Colour

* More instructions on tutorial level

* Updated Backgrounds

* Level fixes

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