Loco Loco v1.40 Mod

Loco Loco v1.40 Mod

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Loco Loco v1.40 Mod

In Loco Loco, you use your engineers to build a train line to Grand Station!

You will need all your wits to stay ahead of the train, delivering passengers, and pick up coins along the way. Each level has a puzzle to solve in delivering all the passengers and achieve maximum stars!

Collect coins to upgrade your workers and trains with special abilities, including lumberjacks for cutting down trees or a magnet train to suck in coins! Strive to collect the maximum coins on a level and see if you can beat your friends scores! (Facebook connection required).

Other workers include bridgebuilders to build bridges and chainsaw lumberjacks, to cut down lots of trees! Also included are trains that can double your coins, suck in coins, stop for a short while and radio ahead to lower bridges or switch turntables.

Mod List:

1.Unlimited Coins
2.Unlimited Wood
3.Train - Speed Mod
4.Build Speed Mod
5.LVL Patch / No Röt
6.Unlimited Stars

What is New:

- bugs fixing & improvements

- French translation

also still : SALES on all our items !!! :-)
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