PMQ: Attack on Titan (Collab) v3.2.9 Mod

PMQ: Attack on Titan (Collab) v3.2.9 Mod

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PMQ: Attack on Titan (Collab) v3.2.9 Mod

Warning! Warning! The monsters are destroying the village! Your bravery is required at once, hurry and protect the locals. Your trusted fur ball companion Izzy is waiting to get you up to speed!

On your journey Swipe, Match, and unleash Powerful Attacks! Become addicted as you guide your hero though treacherous dungeons, be wary of enemy monsters whom you can catch and add your team’s party!

-17 unique monster and heroes including Captain Levi, Eren Jaeger, and Mikasa Ackerman!
-Special Attack on Titan themed dungeons and Temples!

-Match tiles of the same color to create paths to navigate your hero!

-Match tiles leading to an enemy monster to release an attack!
-The greater the amount of tiles matched, the greater the attack strength!
-Link 15 or more tiles to launch a Bravery Chain!

-Forge weapons and armor by visiting your local blacksmith!
-Craft rare materials to create mythical equipment!

-Over 1000+ monsters to attack, raise, and call your friend!
-Evolve and strengthen your monsters through each journey and victory, create the ultimate party!

-Interact and form alliances with fellow dungeon explorers!

Mod List:

[.1.] Always Critical HIT - Player
[.2.] Always Critical HIT - Summoned Pets
[.3.] Massive HP

What is New:
Fixed the crash when resuming game

Fixed the crash when using magic key
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