Civiballs v1.1.4

Civiballs v1.1.4

Rating: 1
Civiballs v1.1.4

• Taxing puzzles
• Colourful crisp graphics
• Bonus objectives on each level
• 60 levels to explore
• Kooky time travel story
• A range of gadgets to try out

Set off on a puzzle adventure through three of the most famous civilizations in history, the Roman, the Vikings and the Incans. You play as a young scientist and his pet monkey, who are travelling back through time to rescue ancient artefacts (or in the monkey’s case, steal ancient jewels). You’ll have to cut chains or ropes to drop coloured balls into matching pots. It may sound easy, but the taxing physics puzzles involve bizarre objects like crossbows, catapults, fountains and volcanoes. It certainly makes for addictive gameplay. Watch out - things get tricky and you’ll need to use your head, and some quick reactions to solve later levels - especially if you want those bonus diamonds! Easy to pick up and play, with colorful visuals and classic puzzle gameplay, Civiballs is a brain teasing adventure not to be missed.


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