Bit Blaster v11 Mod Money

Bit Blaster v11 Mod Money

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Bit Blaster v11 Mod Money

A throwback to the classic quarter eating arcade games of the 80's; Bit Blaster XL is a retro styled, addictive, and fast paced arcade shoot 'em up! (shmup).

Your ship can not stop moving; so turn it left and right by touching the screen to keep from running into an ever increasing amount of enemies. Your ship is always shooting, so make sure to pick up more ammo and the variety of awesome power ups to help you survive longer. Get the highest score you can while collecting coins to buy more ships that fly faster, shoot faster, or have more shields.

в—Џ Simple One Touch arcade Controls
в—Џ A variety of wicked Power ups including; Split Shot, Heat seekers, Lasers, Blast Shot and much more.
в—Џ A handful of powerful unlockable retro ships with to pilot with unique attributes so you can play your way
в—Џ Endless survival (infinite) score chasing game play with a classic arcade style
в—Џ Cool retro pixel graphics
в—Џ Unique chiptune songs for each ship
в—Џ Google Play Games Achievements
в—Џ Google Play Games Leaderboards for each ship
в—Џ An incredibly addictive and fast arcade style survival score chaser
в—Џ Optimized for a wide variety of phones and tablets
в—Џ An In-App purchase allows you to remove the ads forever or Unlock access to all the ships
в—Џ Gameplay is inspired by some of my favorite classic games like; Asteroids, Galaga, Space Invaders and by their more modern ancestors Luftrausers and Geometry Wars

Do not hesitate to contact me if there are any problems with the game:
Website :
Twitter :

I have been learning to make games in my free time and I am always open to constructive criticism to help me make this, and all my games better. I hope you enjoy it and share with family and friends.

Audio was provided by my mouth and some royalty free SFX from:
The music in the game is by the artist "Spiff Tune" and can be found on soundcloud to download for free.

What is New:
Minor bug fixes to leader boards / achievements
Added new device compatibility, modified some code with new things I've learned to make the game run better. Improved some explosions. New unity version build.
Email me if you have problems with the game. Thanks
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