Blocky War Machines v1.00 Mod Money

Blocky War Machines v1.00 Mod Money

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Blocky War Machines v1.00 Mod Money

Do you like blocky graphics, tanks & other war machines and action shooting? If so, you're at right place.

Blocky War Machines is a cool mini game in which you need to find and destroy opponents located on different arenas, using variety of weapons that are available to you. Plenty of those are waiting for you to unlock them: from simple machine guns to ultra powerful laser turrets. Every war machine has 2 upgrade groups: chassis upgrades and weapon upgrades, which can help you win battles if you upgrade often enough. As you progress through game, you encounter more difficult opponents.

There are 8 war machines available in game, presented in cool blocky graphics:
1. Light Armour: Gun & Rocket Scout
2. Medium Armour: Mini Gun, Tank, Rocket and Laser Assault
3. Heavy Armour: Rocket & Laser Cruiser

Every war machine has it's advantages and disadvantages, for example: light armour does least damage, but is fastest vehicle. Vice versa for heavy armour. Look for more clues you can find which correlate in game and can improve your game score if you use it well.

Each war machine you own can be edited to your liking using Blocky Vehicle Editor, you can add or remove blocks or just paint them any way you wish. Any customisation you do is processed by damage engine so you can enjoy seeing real time blast and damage effects on your customised war machine.

Game comes with 3 difficulty modes and well tested controls set up. Not all difficulty levels provide same amount of in game cash, but in easier modes you don't get destroyed as much, so choose mode you find suitable for your gaming style. Harder mode gives more rewards but enemies are much stronger.

There are also random power ups and other fun things you can pick up or use on each map to get advantage.
Or get into trouble :P

To play game in arenas, use magic swipe joystick on left part of the screen to navigate your war machine and fire / lock controls on right end.

Game features:
- blocky damage engine - blast your enemies in pieces, literally
- 8 arenas and 8 unique war machines
- 7 different upgrades per war machine
- Blocky Vehicle Editor - customise any war machine you own

This colourful and fun action shooter is ready to provide hours of game play and it's just starting: feel free to share any ideas you might have about game, they will be considered. You can expect updates to game with more arenas, more war machines and game modes, as game is under constant development.

Download today and have fun!

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