RACE Yourself v1.05 Mod Money

RACE Yourself v1.05 Mod Money

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RACE Yourself v1.05 Mod Money

Going around in circles has never been so challenging!
In this quirky little car chase simulator, the cops are literally *following* you by copying your every move one lap later.
Better plan your route accordingly, you'll need street smarts and fast reflexes to get them off your tail!

- Swipe or tap to switch lanes
- Squeeze the big button to brake, go turbo, slowmo, rewind time or fire the weapon you collected
- Solve the objectives with one or several cars to unlock the next level

- 8 beautiful locations to discover
- 16 vehicles, including trucks, vans, sports cars, buses and a badass tank
- An arsenal of bombs, landmines and guided missiles to blast your enemies
- Unlockable powers: Turbo, Rewind and Slow Motion
- Fast-paced action with explosions and police car pile-ups
- Funky 70's action movie music
- Playful minimalist graphics

What is New:
+ Show track-specific personal highscores while in the main menu
+ Enable multithreaded rendering
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