Dot Heroes в…Ў : Top Summoner v1.4 Mod Money

Dot Heroes в…Ў : Top Summoner v1.4 Mod Money

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Dot Heroes в…Ў : Top Summoner v1.4 Mod Money

You may use Free Charging Station to facilitate earning game items in this game.

This is the highly anticipated sequel to the subscription game that ranked at No. 1 for 3 weeks straight!

- Subscription Benefits -
200 gems and no ads (reward ads only)

Tip. Strategically place heroes in position for battle. Help them make their way up to the top of the towers.

в?…Game Featuresв?…
- Tap on a level of a tower to place a hero there. There is cooling time between moves.
- Heroes can be resurrected with gems (Level 20 and up) Before Level 20, heroes can be resurrected immediately.
- Use ""seal"" to keep enemies from appearing.
Use gold to seal every twentieth level to prevent monsters from appearing.
- Eight heroes with unique skills
: Each hero has four unique skills. Select the hero you want to deploy in battle.
- Conquer the six towers.
: Normal, Hero, and Legend modes are available. A powerful boss monster waits at the top of each tower.
Get four times and two times the amount of gold in Legend and Hero modes.
- Conquer the boss towers.
: Clear boss towers to acquire powerful heroes and buff items.
- Collect buff items.
: Use gems to randomly acquire buff items. Upgrade 19 buff effects to dominate in battles.
- Infinite Tower
: Compete against other users for the top ranking with upgraded heroes and units in the Infinite Tower. The Infinite Tower opens when the first tower is cleared.

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