Guardians' Crew v1.0.4 Mod

Guardians' Crew v1.0.4 Mod

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Guardians' Crew v1.0.4 Mod

A vast fantasy story unfolds before your eyes. Explore the world and complete your heroic mission.
Become a powerful hero on your adventure and save the world from vile enemies.

Travel with epic heroes
- Explore the vast world with stunning, beautiful graphics.
- Complete hundreds of quests, gather new party members, and learn more about them.
- Defeat large bosses with your friends to gain big rewards.

Level up your hero and party
- Forge strategic equipment for your hero and party.
- Give your hero a unique appearance.
- Collect materials to upgrade your equipment.

Master difficult strategic battles
- All battles are challenging. You will need a strategy to win.
- Level up your hero's class and exploit the weakness of the enemy, using a combination of skills and strategy.

Mod List:

[.1.] AutoWin + Auto Loot On Pause Pressed

-> Press Pause btn to insta win the battle <-

What is New:
Build Note 1.0.4
- If there is no item in your inventory, there will be a message.
- Before discard or sell tier 3+ equipment, you'll see a warning message
- Edit the descriptions of Duelist.
- Add location for Blacksmith Tier 5 'material' upgrade.
- The Tutorial Description that was shifted to the right of the window.
- Crafting material tutorial even with lack of materials has been corrected.
And more thing you can check at
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